The Mass Spec Unit

The Mass Spec Unit of the Institute for Drug Research is offering services on four modern Mass Spectrometers with utmost professionalism.


Our Specialization


The Mass Spec Unit specializes in a broad range of services for drug development research as well as clinical and preclinical studies. The services are compatible with almost any small molecule (pesticides, environment contaminants, etc.).

  • Identification of unknown compounds in complex mixtures especially volatile (VOC) and semivolatile (SVOC) compounds
  • LC-MS/MS quantitative bioanalysis of pharmaceuticals, natural compounds and metabolites in biological matrices such as plasma, serum, tissues and urine
  • Kinetic studies of reaction mixtures
  • Rapid structure confirmation for a wide range of small organic compounds and small peptides


Mass Spec services are available to all users, both academic and industrial and include specialist support such as:

  • Guidance in the choice of method for sample preparation
  • Method development and validation
  • Data analysis
  • Consulting and advice in Mass Spec data interpretation

The Mass Spec Unit is located at the School of Pharmacy building, Floor 1, Room No. 25, Ein Kerem Campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem.



Contact Details

Dinorah Barasch, PhD Alina Nemirovski, PhD
Tel: +972-2-6757394, Fax: +972-2-6757076

The equipment available for use in the Laboratory is listed below:


The major application of these Mass Spectrometers is the quantitation of small molecules (pharmaceuticals, natural products, small peptides, fatty acids, steroids, metabolites and contaminants among them) in diverse biological and complex matrices. These instruments are ideal for pharmacokinetic studies and quantitation of small amounts of molecules in complex biological samples.