Chromatography is a technique for separating the components or solutes of a mixture on the basis of the relative amounts of each solute distributed between a moving fluid stream, called the mobile phase, and a contiguous stationary phase. The mobile phase may be either a liquid or a gas, while the stationary phase is either a solid or a liquid.

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Dr. Ofra Moshel

Faculty of Medicine ,School of Pharmacy Building

Ein Karem Campus

The Hebrew University

Tel: +972-2-6758462



The equipment available for use in the Laboratory is listed below:



Integrated Pump, Autosampler and Degasser, used for size exclusion and gel permeation chromatography. Mobile phase, stored in solvent bottles placed on top of the instrument, enters the dual piston pump after passing through the eluent sensor. An inline degasser then removes dissolved gases from the mobile phase, which improves the baseline on any of the detectors that may be connected. The pump is compatible with any solvent, even acidic buffers.The autosampler inside can hold up to 120 vials, which can either be heated, or cooled to prevent degradation of the samples over time.



ÄKTA start


AKTA start is a preparative chromatography system for laboratory scale protein purification. AKTA start is designed as a stand-alone system. used to purify a wide variety of proteins using built-in quick start methods or predefined templates, or by creating your own methods. used for simple chromatography, rather than High pressure one.