Cell Imaging & Microscopy Laboratory

The Cell Imaging Facility provides training and consultation on the use of confocal microscopy, wide field automated microscopy, and software analysis tools for quantitative analysis of image data. The facility has Olympus FV10 Spectral confocal microscope and an automated optical microscope system coupled to a Cytation 3 cell imagine multimode reader (biotek) for live cell imaging

The equipment available for use in the Laboratory is listed below:

Olympus FV 10I


Used as an optical imaging technique for increasing optical resolution and contrast of a micrograph by means of using a spatial pinhole to block out-of-focus light in image formation.


Cytation 3


imaging multi-mode microplate reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection.
Uses Fluorescence microscopy, that is a powerful technique for visualizing cellular responses to understand cell proliferation, protein expression, cytotoxicity and other expressions. provides phenotypic cellular information with quantitative data. With microplate detection, Cytation 3 includes both high sensitivity filter-based detection and a monochromator.